Anyone can be a life-changing coach with Quest

Anyone can be

a life-changing

coach with Quest


The Life-changing power of youth sports starts with Quest.

Faith-based and non-faith based, structured coaching curriculum for success in athletics and in life.

Values-based, structured coaching curriculum for success in athletics and in life (can we just remove one of these?)

Building better communities, one coach and one child at a time.

Quest provides structured coaching curriculum that goes beyond sports. Our programs help coaches to lead meaningful structured practices that prepare young athletes to win humbly and lose with dignity, in both athletics and in life.

Coaching curriculum that goes beyond sports

We've built a comprehensive coaching system that teaches key skills, measures improvement in values, increases communication with parents and gives coaches a proven structure to help their team be the best, both in sports and in everyday life.

Values Driven

Through the discipline of sports and the science of human behavior, we’ve created a coaching system that combines the instruction of athletic skills and core values.  Our programs empower coaches to create better athletes.

Available on the go

All curriculum is easy to access with our desktop and mobile responsive experiences.

Science Based

Quest works with a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to create consistent structures for practice that are proven to help children learn. Each week’s plan combines essential skills and value based lessons to make practice, valuable, interesting
and fun!

Leadership Building

Quest is devoted to developing core values that create better athletes and students, who become stronger employees, spouses and community leaders.

Frank Beamer

Virginia Tech Coach

The vision of Quest is to instill biblical core values that drive behavior using athletics to equip future generations for success both on and off the field of play. I support their vision and their efforts!


Rhett’s Mom

It's incredible to see the difference in these two pictures.  Here’s Rhett starting summer camp...timid and shy all while being so unsure of himself.  Today, he has built so much confidence and skill.  Quest has made such a huge impact in a short amount of time in this guys life.


Youth Baseball Coach

I was looking for a way to give back in my community, and always loved baseball, but didn’t think I had what it takes to lead a group of kids and be a coach.  Once I saw how Quest laid out the structure for practices, it gave me the confidence I needed to start coaching.  It’s been such a rewarding experience, so I’m so glad I did it!


Quest Athlete

I know I want to play soccer when I get to middle School. My coach is helping me to learn how to be a good player, and a good teammate, so I’ll have an advantage when I get to try out for the team.


Community Recreation Director

The hardest part about keeping our community soccer league running isn’t even funding, it’s keeping good coaches coming back year after year.  Parents are busy, and sometimes coaching is just too much to take on.  Quest takes a lot of the work of planning off their plate.  It lets them enjoy coaching with less prep work, and keeps good coaches around year after year, it’s money well spent.

We believe Quest should be available to everyone.  

The Quest Movement provides curriculum and support to teams where it’s needed most, regardless of resources. Find out how you can join The Quest Movement and help support teams around the country.

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