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The Life-changing power of youth sports starts with Quest.

Reinforcing values from home, at practice.

Values-based, structured coaching curriculum for success in athletics and in life (can we just remove one of these?)

Building athletes, building community and a responsible future

Quest is a values based, structured coaching curriculum that supports established and amateur coaches alike.

Each sport and age specific program was developed with Quest’s Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to create a practice structure that is both flexible and effective. Experienced coaches can still integrate their favorite drills and exercises, while amateur coaches have a framework for practice that’s proven to help youth learn critical life skills.  

The Quest coaching system measures improvement in values, increases communication with parents and gives coaches a proven structure to help their team be the best, both in sports and in everyday life.

What is Quest?

Getting started with Quest is easy.

Select your sport and program and you’ll immediately be able to access practice plans that feature a values-based lesson of the week and step-by-step instruction to take the guesswork out of coaching.   Quest doesn’t run your practice - it gives coaches the tools to share their knowledge, of both sport and leadership effectively.

How Does Quest Work?

Quest integrates a psychological approach

By working with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Quest creates a coaching curriculum that not only teaches athletic skills, but also develops young athletes by showing them the power of values, in the context of their own life.

We found that when values are taught in multiple ways and integrated into different situations, children were far more likely to take ownership of core values and act accordingly, both at practice and at home.

Why Does Quest Work?

Quest is an organization focused on the development of core values in today’s youth.

Quest’s founders recognized the life-changing power of sports in their own lives and sought to create a clear path for athletics to be a catalyst for fun, physical fitness and positive change.  By addressing the whole athlete, mind and body, promising athletes are equipped with the devotion, drive and persistence it takes to excel at a high level.  While all participants experience the positive outcomes that integrity, respect, and teamwork create.  

Quest aims to be a partner to parents, schools, and communities, working as a united front to support the positive development of our next generation.

The Quest Mission

Meet the Crew


Craig and Elizabeth

Founder & CEO

President and Founder of The Quest Legacy LLC, Craig has a lifetime of sports experience, most recently as a sports coordinator in a 5,000-member church setting in Knoxville, Tennessee. After playing football at the University of Tennessee, Craig spent 10 years in medical sales where he became successful by applying the life lessons he earned through sports. Craig understands the importance of these lessons, and how they can be applied to life after sports. Craig is passionate about instilling and practicing biblical core values. He currently resides in Johnson City, Tennessee with his wife and son.

Ben Weeks


Ben is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with 17 years of experience in the field. He also has a Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis and Therapy from Southern Illinois University. Ben develops and writes behavioral programming for individuals from Pre-K to adults with a focus on early intervention. Ben is passionate about seeing individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder thrive, and he is equally passionate about instilling biblical core values that drive behavior in all children. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and 2 children.

Matthew Gordon

Chief Operations

Matt, his wife, Mindy, and their two children relocated to the Knoxville, TN area in 2019 from SW Florida after 19 years. A graduate of the University of Tampa (FL), where he studied Criminology and Communication. Following graduation, Matt was commissioned as an officer in the United States Marine Corps and is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan. Having a strong desire to provide support to our community, Matt focuses on implementing Biblical core values while teaching Christian leadership to our youth. As a certified instructor for suicide prevention and crisis intervention techniques, Matt is leading from the forefront of the spiritual war that is aimed at our children. Matt strongly believes that youth mentoring enables him the opportunity to create an immediate positive impact throughout our communities.

Pai Mushayamunda

Director of Soccer Development
& Global Outreach

Originally from Zimbabwe, Pai moved to the United States as a young boy. Pai is passionate about 3 things: Jesus, his wife, and soccer! He fell in love with soccer at a very early age, and has been involved with the “beautiful game” ever since. Pai is a player, coach, and referee with collegiate playing experience at Milligan College in upper East Tennessee. With a Master’s degree in Public Administration, Pai continues to serve others in his community and around the world. He currently resides in Johnson City, Tennessee.

JC Oakley

Director of
Strategic Initiatives

JC was a police officer for 12 years before joining the Quest team. During this time, he saw firsthand the need for core values in children. His interaction with kids in lower income areas showed him the perpetual cycle of systemic poverty, drugs, and crime. JC wanted to more than just catch kids engaging in illegal behaviors. He wanted to teach them core values. When he found that Quest had the same vision for teaching and training the next generation through the fundamentals of sports, he joined the team to reach out to his community and to address the potential for criminal behavior of kids in that community. Currently JC resides in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Nathaniel Patterson

Director of Baseball

God has given Nate a passion for both sports and for working with kids, so Quest is the perfect place for him. Born and raised in Johnson City, Tennessee, Nate grew up playing baseball in little league and then in high school. While playing at Science Hill, he learned a tremendous amount from an 18-year veteran, professional league catcher. He currently works in the after-school program at Towne Acres Elementary. Being able to positively impact kids’ lives is his life’s mission, and that’s exactly what we do here at Quest!

Rebecca Sharp

Director of Johnson City
Soccer League

Rebecca is a native of southeast Alabama and a graduate of the University of South Alabama with a BA in Communication: Public Relations. She and her husband, Tony, have been married since 2005 and during their marriage have lived in various places. Most recently, they moved to Johnson City in 2018 after living for almost 6 years in north central Pennsylvania. Rebecca has a passion for pouring into the integrity and character of children/teenagers and is an avid sports fan. When she is not on the soccer fields, she is leading a youth robotics organization, homeschooling their 3 boys, and serving in her local church in any capacity needed.

Linda Meyers

Creative Director &
Web Development

Linda has more than 25 years of experience in media, marketing, and start-up development. Her clients have included: multiple Grammy/Dove award winning artists, record labels, radio stations, authors and speakers, producers of various children’s products, and governmental agencies. Passionate about providing excellent communication with potential members and clients, Linda masterfully manages the Quest website and is in charge of outbound communications. She currently resides in Oak Ridge, Tennessee with her 3 daughters.

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We believe Quest should be available to everyone.  

The Quest Movement provides curriculum and support to teams where it’s needed most, regardless of resources. Find out how you can join The Quest Movement and help support teams around the country.

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