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Prevention Through Faith - QPR Suicide Prevention Training

Quest Legacy is proud to offer a comprehensive training course which equips participants to recognize the warning signs of suicide and how to respond. By attending this class, our community will be more confident in asking, discussing, and providing resources to help individuals navigate crises.
Prevention Through Faith includes internationally recognized QPR Suicide Prevention certification, Crisis Planning Response, Practical Application, Role Playing, and more.


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Kimberly Russell

Matt's passion for suicide prevention and education is clear and his presentation of the course was passionate, energetic, and very comprehensible. I left not only feeling confident about my potential to step in and help my community in the time of a crisis, but also confident to step to the plate in various situations. I highly recommend Matt and his course!

Miles Rosa

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is in support of their family, neighbor, and most importantly our Military personnel and veterans alike.The course is intended to inform the community at large. More importantly, it develops Gatekeepers, the network necessary to intervene when the signs of suicide present themselves.The seminar is delivered with compassion, brevity, and energy.

Carlos Reyes

The seminar was very informative and a pleasure to attend. I am recommending to our church, youth group ministry and veterans group.